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Well done! and other pointless phrases.

19th May 2016

We all say it – ‘Well done!’ (or ‘Good job!’ if you’re more North American!), but we might as well save our breath – it is meaningless to the majority of our students, and can actually harm learning!   I’m quoting John Hattie’s research (see blog ‘Visible Learning”), which states that there are 3 ways […]

Visible Learning

8th February 2016

John Hattie is one of my heroes! Not quite as famous as Luke Skywalker maybe, but in the field of educational research, no one has done more to help me understand what works when trying to help children learn. John Hattie took over 800 pieces of meta-research into educational initiatives and graded them according to […]

A trilogy in 4 parts: what is ASD?

2nd December 2015

A trilogy in 4 parts: what is ASD? Autism Spectrum Disorders are common in the UK population – some studies suggest that up to 1.1% of the UK population have it – that’s 1 in 100 people! So, chances are, you know someone, adult or child, who has ASD. At Fresh Start we have a […]


2nd October 2015

Yes, sorry, that’s the sound of us blowing our own trumpet… but then, we are REALLY proud of what we do here at Fresh Start, and if we don’t tell you when other people also recognise what a great job we are doing how will you ever know? So, if you are easily offended by […]

Where have all the teachers gone?

18th August 2015

Where have all the teachers gone? School populations are rising and pressure on schools to achieve the best outcomes for all their students is increasing, but there is a frightening statistic that puts the ability of the profession to achieve this goal into question – teachers are disappearing, and fast. The squeeze in the profession […]

Books Glorious Books!

6th August 2015

Did you know that research has shown that reading is the fastest way to improve educational outcomes? Well, actually, that is hardly news to anyone in education – we all know that reading for pleasure outside of school not only improves outcomes in reading but across the board educationally, it’s just that there are now […]

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

21st July 2015

We’ve all taught students who can’t sit still, but when it affects their learning to a chronic level we tend to start thinking in terms of ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Students who are referred to Fresh Start in Education frequently have this diagnosis or these tendencies. So, what do we do to help students […]

Faced with this what would you do?

6th July 2015

  Faced with this what would you do? Sigh? Despair? Take a deep breath and fold your arms? Would you smile and relish another day at work? At Fresh Start we look forward to these days – after all, the student has shown up, and for many that is a major achievement! From here we use strategies […]

Investors in People – Silver Accreditation

27th April 2015

Fresh Start In Education Ltd has become one of a select number of organisations across 75 counties in the World, to achieve the prestigious Silver status in the ‘Investors in People’ accreditation, which recognises outstanding management, communication and training within businesses and organisations. From the thousands that seek Investors in People accreditation, only 6% gain the […]