How We Help

We Work One to One, from Early Years Foundation to 18 plus, Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5 and SEND ‘P’ Scales

Our Approach

We welcome any student regardless of their abilities, attitude or behaviour.

We work to engage with them, enable them, and re-engage them in their education.

We believe that there are opportunities for every young person to engage, learn, achieve and realise their full potential regardless of what has gone on before.

Education Provisions

Each provision is tailored to meet the needs of each individual student.

We usually work one-to-one, but where required we will increase this to two or three staff members to one student.

All our staff are trained in De-escalation of Conflict and where appropriate are MAPA* trained.

(*Management of Actual or Potential Aggression)

Targets and Student Progress

Targets are set for the Provision within an agreed time frame, typically between six to twelve weeks. However, we take a flexible approach to meet each student’s requirements and this is always open to discussion.   

Individual sessions may run from three to five hours. A report is submitted after each session and it records engagement, attendance and any safeguarding issues or concerns. Any problems, disclosures or complaints are reported immediately.

Student progress is monitored regularly and information can be accessed by the organisation that commissions our service, via our secure online portal.

We ask for regular feedback from students and we use this to adjust and plan future sessions.

Safety and Safeguarding

Everything we do is built around the safety of our staff and students. Within the initial assessment, risks are considered and incorporated in the planning and matching of staff to student, for each provision.

All staff, before starting work with the company, are required to undergo an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check as well as personal and professional reference and qualification checks.  

The Company’s induction process includes training on; Risk Assessment, Safeguarding and De-escalation of Conflict.

To commission us or for more information call our Referral Team on: 0203 409 6410.

"Thank you for all of the support offered for Andrew to be integrated back into school. He has been served well by Fresh Start and the workers individually. It has been very helpful to have the feedback so detailed regarding Andrew’s education and provision. He has enjoyed the activities and individual educational opportunities offered, which have been tailored for his needs and the Education Specialists have worked hard to ensure that Andrew has been fully engaged during the 3 months. Regards to you all."

Social Worker

"I am very grateful to Fresh Start for Kids and the support of their Education Specialist for their flexibility, commitment and absolute professionalism. It has been a real pleasure to work with them all in making provision this term for some the young people in our borough with very challenging circumstances."

Head of London EOTAS

"Fresh Start is offering a very good support package for Harry and we are very impressed by how he has changed through the support that is provided by the placement and Fresh Start for Kids. From the reports I’ve read and evidence I’ve seen the Education Specialists are doing a great job at engaging Harry into academic work, which would be difficult for anyone because of Harry’s needs and is vital for him to keep up with the curriculum."

Social Pedagogue