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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As an Education Specialist with FSiE, we know there are lots of important questions that you may have that need answers

So that's why we created the list below of answers to the most common questions we've received from other Education Specialists over the years. You can scroll through the whole page or navigate to specific sections using the contents box.

If your question isn't answered below, feel free to get in touch with your Education Coordinator, either by Email or by calling 0203 196 7226 

General Questions

When will I get work?

As mentioned throughout the recruitment process, you are now on a bank of staff and a new placement will be offered as and when FSiE have a student who is best suited to you. Please keep your availability diary up to date on the Online Portal to help us with this.

Where do the sessions take place?

These often take place in local libraries, centres, hired venues or in the student’s home.

Where are your offices based?

The FSiE office is based in Folkestone, Kent - however, we offer our services throughout the whole of the UK.

How far will I need to travel?

Every work placement is different. However, Education Specialists are expected to travel at least up to an hour to a session location. The further you can travel; the more placements are likely to be offered to you.

How many hours a week will I work? / Is it a full-time job?

FSiE cannot guarantee a set number of hours or a start date due to the nature of referrals. To be matched with a student, FSiE require a minimum of 2 days consistent availability every week.

Who will contact me about work? / How much notice will I get?

FSiE’s Referrals or Education Teams will call you and talk to you about a new work placement, and the notice varies, however on average this is around 1 week. There may be opportunities for short notice cover work.

Will I work in the evenings, on weekends or school holidays?

Other than your session planning, the work with students is mostly during term time and are during usual working hours.

What continual professional development and training does Fresh Start in Education offer?

  • A de-escalation course called Safety Interventions. This course offers theory and practical training around de-escalation strategies.
  • You have access to a TES Develop account which is an online training provider that specialises in safeguarding and education. You can access TES Develop here.
  • FSiE has a termly online event where you are invited to join a companywide video call, where varying seminars, talks and training sessions are delivered.
  • A vital part of the referral process is the IEEP (Impact, Engagement and Education Plan) which takes place for every new student to assess their needs, safeguarding concerns and risks. The IEEP also recommends the strategies an ES can use to work with the student, and sets the first set of targets. We are often looking for assessors in certain areas of the country. Please speak to the Referrals department if you have relevant experience and would like to be considered to attend IEEP training.

Am I required to complete all the TES Develop training modules?

No, FSiE only require you to complete ‘Safeguarding Young People Level 2’ & ‘The Prevent Duty’ during your Induction. However, we will also ask you to complete ‘Child Protection Refresher’ training annually and may ask you to complete other courses as and when they are relevant to a placement.

Do I have to stay away?

It isn’t a requirement that you stay away for work, however it could mean FSiE can offer you other placements. Stay away placements can be from 1 night to 5 nights per week, hotel and travel is covered and there is also an incentive payment. (See section 2.1 of your BSESA for full details).

Do I have to drive with a student?

No, it isn’t a requirement that you will have to drive with a student, but certain work placements may need this. You will have completed a driving declaration as part of the recruitment process confirming your preference. If you change your mind, please contact the office and this can be updated.

DBS Certificate and the Update Service

How do I keep my DBS on the Update Service?

All new Education Specialists will have added their DBS Certificate to the Update Service when approved to work with FSiE. Every year you will have a 30-day period to keep your DBS Certificate on the Update Service and will be notified via email by the DBS and FSiE as a reminder. You will need to login to your DBS Portal and pay the Update Service cost, which can be claimed back through FSiE. If you do not keep your certificate updated, you will be required to apply for a new certificate.

How long does a DBS application take to be completed?

A DBS application can take anywhere between 1 and 60 days. On average an application takes around 14 days although this varies throughout the year during busier periods for the DBS.

finance / Accounting

When do I get paid?

5th working day of the month for the hours worked within the previous month.

What period does my pay cover?

The 1st of the month to the last working day of the month.

Why is the pay rate on the Daily Report and Payslip different to the amount in my BSESA?

As mentioned within your BSESA (see section 3) your quoted rate includes 12.07% holiday pay. This amount is deducted from your hourly rate and accumulated until the end of each placement, when it is paid in a lump sum. For longer placements the accrued holiday pay is paid at Christmas, Easter and the beginning of the summer holidays.

How do I opt out of the pension scheme?

FSiE subscribes to an auto-enrolment pension scheme through NEST (National Employment Savings Trust). Once your monthly earning goes over a certain level you will be automatically enrolled onto the scheme and will be contacted directly by NEST. If you wish to opt out of the scheme you must wait until you’ve received your letter from NEST, and then contact them directly within 1 calendar month. If you contact them within that time any contributions will be refunded to you.

How much is the pay?

FSiE set your rate of pay after a face-to-face interview however we can send you a link to the rate of pay document, which shows you the detailed levels of pay to give you a good idea where you sit.

Am I paid for travel?

Travel is partly subsidised. Regarding driving in your car, FSiE will pay you for 45p per mile for every mile over 40 miles of travel within a day of sessions. If you were to travel on public transport, you would pay for the first £10 and FSiE will subsidise anything over that amount per day. Some transport would need to be pre-agreed, for example taxi fares. See Schedule 2 (p15) in your BSESA for more details.

How do I claim for resources?

You will be asked to upload all receipts onto a Daily Report.

How can I see my Rate of Pay?

This is outlined in section 3.2 of your BSESA.

Am I paid PAYE (pay as you earn)?



Where is my contract (BSESA – Bank Staff Education Specialist Agreement)?

Once you’ve signed your BSESA, this will be accessible to you within your ES Portal.

Where/who do you receive your referrals from?

Most new referrals are received through Local Authorities, however FSiE also receive referrals from Schools.

How long do the provisions/placements last?

This is dependent on each placement however this could be organised for 6 to 12 weeks. This could continue after this point on a 6-week on-going basis.

How is a student ‘matched’ to me as an Education Specialist?

FSiE match an Education Specialist to a student dependent on a list of different factors, all around the needs of the young person. It may be around the Special Educational Needs of the young person, the level of education they require, their age or their interests. They will also consider yours and the student’s availability and location.

What age of students will I work with?

FSiE work with students from the ages of 4 to 25 and you will be ‘matched’ with a student where your skillset is best suited.

How long are the sessions?

Usually, session are between 3 -5 hours per day.


How do I complete a report?

Within the ES portal you will have access to all reports and information linked to your placement. You can also view the Education Reporting Cycle training video here.

Who is my Education Coordinator?

You be assigned an Education Coordinator (EC) when you are set up in a placement. You may have more than one Education Coordinator if you are working with multiple students

Who would be present if I was working in a student’s home?

An appropriate adult, normally a family member will always be present.

How am I protected as a lone worker?

An appropriate adult, normally a family member will always be present.

Do you have a bank of resources?

FSiE require their Education Specialists to obtain engagement and education resources however FSiE have a variety of online resources at their disposal. You can access these via the ES Portal. Education Specialists can claim £15 per session on resources when discussed with their Education Coordinator. See ‘Example Placement Assignment Schedule’ (p.14) in your BSESA for more information.

What if a student doesn’t turn up to a session?

You are required to let FSiE know as soon as possible that the student has not turned up. After waiting an agreed time with your Education Coordinator, you may be able to leave if FSiE cannot get hold of the student or have an update. You are still paid for the session.

Am I provided with a phone or laptop?

No, but you are required to have a working phone with you at all times during a session in the case of an emergency. See Better Safe than Sorry Guidelines, section 3.1.

Who plans the education?

As an Education Specialist you will be given the initial targets from the Impact, Engagement and Education Plan for the student. Using these, along with the recommended strategies and resources from the IEEP, you will plan the sessions with your student.

What subjects will I be delivering?

A large number of provisions will require Maths and English to varying levels. However, every student is different, and this will be looked at dependent on the targets set in the IEEP.

Is there a safeguarding officer for Fresh Start in Education Ltd?

Yes, FSiE have a Designated Safeguarding Officer, and two deputies, who you can call or contact with any safeguarding concerns on 0203 409 6410 - Option 0 (Zero). The DSL is Matt Goody and the Deputy DSLs are Gay Nyangon and Sorrell Dowling. The safeguarding team can also be reached on, but please call in the case of urgent matters.

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