Commission Us

We work one to one or in small groups

Our Approach

We are commissioned by Local Authority Departments, Schools and Parents. The first step in the process is a conversation about the needs of the individual student and a formal referral.

One of our specialists will meet with all those involved with the student which will include, where possible, schools, parents, social workers, teachers and most importantly the student themselves. From the information we gather we will compile a bespoke engagement and education plan. This is formally presented in our Engagement and Education Assessment.

Provision Targets

We make our recommendations to the Commissioner within the Engagement and Education Assessment (EEA), together with the Provision Targets that we will work towards within a set timeframe. This will normally be between six and twelve weeks. However we can carry out short-term intervention and also longer term work where required.

The EEA takes into account the views of family, school, social services (where applicable), foster parents and any other significant parties involved with the student’s welfare. We work closely with families to ensure that they understand our role as an independent organisation dedicated to the welfare of their child.

This information gives the academic and engagement baseline data for the work that we will undertake. Progress will be monitored and reported back to the Commissioner against the Provision Targets so that progress can be clearly seen and improvements demonstrated.

Our Methods

We work one-to-one in nearly all cases but if appropriate for the students, we also work with very small groups.

Once the Commissioner has agreed our recommendations, we engage one or more of our Education Specialists to work one-to-one with the student. We match the Education Specialists to the student as closely as possible to ensure that they will work well together.

Our First Visit

During their first visit to the student the Education Specialist will talk through the aims and objectives of the provision and work to engage the student in this process. They will also give them our Student Guide and discuss, in an age appropriate way the student’s rights, our anti-discrimination policy and what to do if they want to complain about anything concerning us, or any other issues.

Ongoing Reporting

Our Education Specialists report to our main office several times a day, initially with a session plan linked in to the provision targets of the Engagement and Education Assessment and a risk assessment relating to that day. At the end of the session, which is normally a minimum of three hours, they report on the progress of the session, together with the student's level of engagement and any attendance, safeguarding or other relevant issues. Any problems, disclosures or complaints are passed on immediately to the Commissioner.

Listening to Students

We also ask for regular feedback directly from the student so that we are aware of and can respond to, their thoughts and feelings. The Education Specialists use this feedback to adjust and plan future sessions.

Your Student’s Progress

Once a month we complete a comprehensive and detailed evaluation of the work carried out that month with the student and evidence their progress, using the baseline data and Provision Targets agreed in the Engagement and Education Assessment. This is presented as data, graphs and observations about the month’s work.

The Commissioner can access real-time information on the student through our secure online portal. From this you can see how we, as an organisation, are progressing towards the Provision Targets and any adjustments can be discussed based on accurate, detailed, factual data.

Safety and Safeguarding

Everything that we do is built around the safety of our staff and students, we do not want to do anything that puts anyone at risk. Part of the Engagement and Education Assessment looks at the risks surrounding the student as an individual and this is taken into account when matching an Education Specialist to them. Every Education Specialist goes through a thorough induction process which includes training on risk assessment and safeguarding.


From receipt of the initial referral from the Commissioner, using our bespoke format, we arrange the Engagement and Education Assessment, where appropriate, and then look to match the student with a suitable Education Specialist. This overall process can take anything from 2 to 21 days and we will keep you fully informed throughout the process.

Quality Assured

Alongside our comprehensive reporting system, we regularly supervise our staff by telephone and face to face meetings and we undertake both arranged, and unannounced, lesson observations inviting participation from students to ensure that their voice is heard. In addition, we are currently undergoing assessment for the Investors in People Award.

Local Authorities regularly meet with us to review our standards, processes and results. Our average student attendance is 95% which is good for a school but almost unheard of for an Alternative Provider working with school refusers and the disengaged.


We work with a market leading social care insurer who regularly visits us to ensure they understand the nature of the work that we undertake and that they are providing comprehensive cover for our activities for both students and staff. Our sums insured meet, and in many cases exceed, the requirements of our Commissioners. Detailed information on this is provided to Commissioners as part of the tendering process.

“Only early intervention can break the inter-generational cycle of dysfunction and under achievement.”



To Commission us to work with a student or for more information please call our Head Office referral number: 0203 409 6410