Summer Holiday Packages


With the summer holidays imminent approach, there can be a sense of dread as you think of the unstructured time some of your most vulnerable young people and their families are facing.  The social and emotional pressures get hotter – just like the weather!

Our programmes run all year round and that includes the summer.  We provide specialist 1:1 support for children and young people who are unable to access other activities in their area, due to their special educational needs or their behaviour.

Tailored sessions through the summer help prepare ‘at risk’ students for their return to education in September, and manage the potential risks associated with a significant amount of unstructured time.  These sessions include enrichment activities that broaden horizons, develop new skills, build self-esteem and contribute to personal and social development. 
We cater for those aged 4 – 25 across the UK and have a wide range of specialist staff ready for some creative and constructive fun this summer… and that’s cool!

Our aim is to ensure the best opportunity for every student to return to education in September.

Referrals for our Summer Packages must be made by a Social Worker or another professional involved in the child or young person’s care. 

For more information on our bespoke Nationwide Summer Holiday Packages, call us now on 0203 409 6410 or email

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