Information for Students

Thanks for checking out our website! Here’s a little bit about who we are and what we do

Hello there...

We are Fresh Start in Education (sometimes just “Fresh Start”) and we work with students suspended from school and young people of all ages who are finding it hard to get on in school.

If your school thought you needed some extra help, or if you were refusing to attend school, or suspended from school, one of our team might be called in to meet regularly with you.

We have some amazing staff that we call Educational Specialists – that’s just a name we use to describe our really good teachers. They have worked with many children suspended from school and young people in all kinds of situations, and are very good at making hard work seem easier. And they work with you to do it in a way that you will understand and help you learn.

Our Staff

Our Education Specialists do their best to help and care for you if you have been suspended from school. Education is important, but it isn’t all about school. The world is a very big and interesting place and they will find out what interests you and then show you how that all links in with the bigger picture of life.

You might need someone to work with you for a few hours a week or each day of the week. We do our best to find the right kind of teacher that we think you will get on with. You might even have more than one teacher in the week, which gives a nice variety!

Most of the time things go really well, but sometimes things can go wrong. It’s really important that you feel able to talk to someone if you don’t like the way you are being looked after, or you want to speak to someone about being suspended from school, but also if you can think of a way of making things better. If, for some reason, we are not able to change things, we will always explain the reasons why to you. Hopefully, everything will be really good for you, so please also let us know you’re doing well! Remember, you have rights and it’s fine for you to want to talk to someone. You will not get into trouble for talking to the right people.

You can phone the Children’s Rights Director to talk about any concerns or problems you’re having by calling them free on 0800 528 0731. They offer independent advice and support and are totally separate from Fresh Start in Education, your social worker and your school. Check out their website at for more information. You can do this at any time whether you are being taught by us or not.

Your views are really important to us, so we may ask you to fill in a questionnaire sometimes. Your answers will help us make Fresh Start even better. We hope this little introduction was helpful and if you want to know more email us or give us a call. We wish you all the best!

Do you want to talk to someone today about something that bothers you?

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