Recruitment for Schools

Seems like everyone wants to talk to you. Except great teachers.

The local media won’t leave you alone. The LEA emails every few hours. Governors are chasing you. The unions want the inside track. Parents and guardians queue up daily.

But brilliant, dedicated, inspirational teachers want to work in a school facing precisely the challenges you face. Whether that’s special measures, being surrounded by ‘better’ schools, or simply being in a deprived area – these are fantastic challenges for fantastic teachers.

The problem is; your job adverts sound just like every other school.

The right teachers want to know about you, your school, the challenges ahead and how they can help. They’re less interested in the usual tired recruitment buzzwords.

So let’s say these incredible people see a fresh, honest recruitment ad. Then what?

  • Does that message carry through into your website, your social media, your PR?
  • Are you able to fill a database with applicants who ‘get’ your school?
  • Do you stay in touch with them through the next academic year?
  • How quickly do you interview? How quickly do you give feedback?

These are all things that good businesses do routinely. And they are things that almost all schools miss. By using branded content designed by specialist recruitment marketers especially for you that crystallises your school and your offer, you tap into decades of marketing expertise.

But we’re also very successful professional recruiters, so you also tap into the urgency and the experience of interviewing and assessing potential candidates.

It’s a winning combination and it will win over better teachers who stay longer – which will benefit you and your students.

Two years down the line we walk away, leaving you with a clear message, a robust process and a self-populating database of engaged, enlightened and exceptional talent.

That’s right. We create a recruitment philosophy and department for you that you run, saving tens of thousands of pounds in agency fees.

Talk to us – so we can make sure the right people talk to you.