Summer Holiday Packages

Holidays - A Nightmare for Some Students...

6 weeks off school?  Sounds like a dream! But for some students it’s a nightmare!

6 weeks of unstructured time for vulnerable and at-risk children and young people, puts them at higher risk of anti-social behaviour or exploitation.

Students that have worked so hard this term and made real progress –could end up back to square one or worse.

Do you have children and young people for whom the holidays are a vulnerable time? Students who are unable to access play schemes and activity clubs due to the level of support they need?

Our Summer Holiday Packages provide children and young people with 1:1 support, helping to keep them on track and back into school in September. Through activities tailored to their likes and interests, we will engage with them and keep them motivated and positive.

The 6 weeks will be time well spent, seeing students supported and engaged, and ready to start back in education in September.

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