It is Possible...

It is Possible...

Having Multiple Learning Difficulties, ASD and Bipolar Disorder made it difficult for David to build positive, meaningful relationships with other people.

Unable to manage his emotions, David sometimes felt overwhelmed by anger and would hit out at those around him in frustration. Frequent changes to his medication and visits to hospital only confused him further, and he was becoming more aggressive toward his family.

The idea of holding down a job was unthinkable and it looked as if David had little hope of ever enjoying life. Specialist intervention was vital and so his Local Authority contacted Fresh Start in Education regarding an Accompanied Work Placement for David.

A detailed and thorough matching process led to David being assigned a dedicated Work Place Mentor with experience of supporting students with similar issues. His mentor’s holistic approach to planning his engagement and training sessions, ensured that they were built around his academic, personal, emotional and social needs. 

They quickly began to build a good working relationship and suddenly life started making sense to David. Their sessions allowed David to flourish and strengthen his skills, and the unthinkable became possible. Developing close relationships with the other agencies involved in David’s life was crucial in setting him up for long-term success. 

Do you know a student like David? 

If you do, our Accompanied Work Placement program could well be the answer. 

We are Fresh Start in Education Ltd. We provide specialist support to students aged from 16 to 25 years old with the aim of finding them long-term employment or an apprenticeship. Our Work Place Mentors help students successfully adapt to the work environment by providing holistic 1:1 support designed around their needs. We also work with 5-16 year olds who are out of education or at risk of suspension, also those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, re-engaging them into specialist and main stream education.

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