Have you saved a life?

You can meet the future Johnny Depp, Cheryl Cole or Sir Elton John – for free!

In fact, you may have met them already without realising it.  How? Because the future Johnny, Cheryl or Elton are probably sat in your school right now - but they need a bit of help.

These three famous figures are all known for being “famous failures” - leaving school with minimal, or no qualifications, labelled with having no chance.

They were like those students you know, the ones you can’t get through to, the ones who can’t ‘get it’. The students who are falling through the gaps, but you don’t have the time, energy or resources to catch them and help them connect with education and move on.

“But, just a minute,” you say, “just because these three made it despite their bad starts, doesn’t mean that I can do anything for mine. Have you seen my budget?!"

The thing is – these three are not exceptions – there are many of them out there just trying to survive.  Most students who fail at school struggle to get on in life, so they do need extra help.

And that’s where we come in …

‘From an ethos of gang culture to working with a Work Place Mentor, Charlie has achieved his English and mathematics Functional Skills at GCSE equivalent grades and is working towards gaining an apprenticeship in Light Vehicle Maintenance.’ DW

Our Accompanied Work Placement packages are designed to support students struggling with education, and to get them into further education or employment.  

We help each individual find and focus their aspirations and empower them to achieve.

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