Accompanied Work Placements

For many young people, the progression from school to college, university, or employment is a natural one. For those with special education needs and disabilities, the transition is a challenge, one with many barriers that often make it feel too difficult to know the way through.
We believe that every single young person should be able to pursue employment. Not just any job, a job that will be meaningful to them. A position in a place that they want to work, one that aligns with their interests, aspirations and skill set.
Our Accompanied Work Placements do just this. We dedicate time to help prepare the young person for the workplace by catching up on essential transferable key skills, identifying their desired career choice and spending time getting to know them. Our Work Place Mentors then support the young person to apply for potential jobs by exploring local potential employers, completing application forms and preparing the young person for interviews. 
Then, we go a step further. We will spend time with the young person in their new work environment; not to do the job for them, but to support the employer in helping them to make reasonable adjustments in their workplace to accommodate the needs of their new trainee. 
Neurodiversity can be an asset to a company if it is understood and accommodated, and those individuals will bring a range of exceptional skills to the company.
Imagine if Steve Jobs (autism) and Sir Richard Branson (dyslexia) hadn’t been able to pursue their careers… just two of a huge host of famous people known for their neurodiversity.
Give your young person that chance today. Places are now available on our Accompanied Work Placements. Secure a place today!